Núria Farré

Núria Farré painted since childhood, but says at first she did like any other girl. It was watching a documentary about Fine Arts on TV that she saw it clearly. Without thinking, hurried to buy the paints and materials she needed. That was four years ago and is now in the third year of Fine Arts career.

His works, in a realistic style, stand out by the complexity and subtlety of the details. Almost daily, Núria Farré works on Liquid, a series of pictures about a mysterious young woman immersed in water.
The project started almost by accident: Núria it became the model for a photographer and after seeing the effect of figures underwater pictures and developed, it was decided to transfer him to the canvas: “One reason why I like this project is because it is a challenge. Complications appear constantly. And, with this challenge, the artist also answers a question that people always ask her: “Why figurative art and abstraction? I said to myself. What if I mix both styles?” I think that we see things under water in another way. Strange shapes, mysterious. That was how I began to experiment.”

Núria Farré is in researching. She has pored water movements, reflexes, lights and shadows. Besides, in each painting, she plays with tis mistery: the enigmatic protagonist never shows her face, and she only shows parts of her body.

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