Miguel Leal

Photography, painting, illustration … Miguel Leal is a multidisciplinary artist with a lot of power. He uses different disciplines to make a sinister satire about life and behavior of human beings.

Born in Sevilla, he is restless and curious by nature. Maybe it’s because of that curiosity, precisely, that has become a true explorer of the human being and which has led him to develop his particular perspective of the world: “My work seeks to satirize, and stylize grotesquely ironic reality and behaviors that humans develop. I see the world and I represent it through the grotesque “.

Thus, the characters in his work represent the darker side of human existence. Bad Religion, Desencuentros or Los Niños Perdidos are some of his illustrations series. They reflect, through a distorted aesthetic, dificult and disturbing emotions. In his latest book, Mad Face, Miguel Leal goes a step further and makes participants and protagonists of their own followers. The artist cites anyone who wants a gallery, he takes ​​a photographic portrait, and above it, he paints and plays an alter ego macabre and especially evocative.

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