Barcelona Academy of Art / Painting

Jordi Díaz Alamà

The young artist Jordi Díaz Alamà is the winner of Figurativas ’11, an award granted by the Foundation of the Arts and the Artists and the European Museum of Modern Art. This year has been proclaimed winner of the International Drawing Ynglada-Guillot, based at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Sant Jodi. Was formed at the University of Barcelona and Florence Academy of Art, and has taught drawing at the University of Barcelona and the School of Fashion Design Felicidad Duce.

In addition to his love of painting, Díaz Alamà has a great commitment to the promotion and preservation techniques of the great masters of painting from the late eighteenth century. That is why he has decided to open the Barcelona Academy of Art which, he says, is created “in order to promote the technical and professional artist, so to ensure the future quality of the art realistic figurative art, without trade, can hardly survive. “

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