Jordi Costa

Artist born in the Eixample district of Barcelona. He already drew his crib walls (no prints yet ) , and thus, always devoted himself to paint , experimenting with different styles , always a family and staff , making it compatible with the hours of study and labor .

Concern for the paint does start to occur , with the years of maturity, a more formal work , together with a continued sense , one
conglomerate of the first avant-garde such as expressionism or lyrical abstraction with figurative features and touches of collage .

He was part of the Col·lectiu d’Artistes del Barri de Sant de Barcelona, working in joint exhibitions , and their individual project reached
materialize in Talent & Co , entitled “dessota l’escorça” exhibiting works very personal , making a review of the most intimate emotions .

Jorge Costa has always been attracted to the equilibrium geometric formal technical drawing being a big influence on all his work . He studied Delineation Architecture and Topography and start technique , where the stroke linear strengthened , and this role represented in the current series ” 2014_A ” is the main actor ,
making symbiosis with very textural and abstract background . But this is now, March 2014, and continue seeking other ways, other meanings, other concepts.

A quote from Soledad Lorenzo takes him to summarize his thoughts of self- taught roots:

“Porque la realidad del arte es emocional y no tiene dogmas, como tienen las palabras”

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