Henrik Uldalen

Contemporary realist figurative painter. The convoluted views and light treatment particularly endow his work in an atmosphere full of mystery, depth and detail.

When other kids gave up painting to do other activities, Henrik Uldalen dedication continued doing more than ever. It soon became clear that art was much more than a hobby for him. Self-taught, he began to notice over the Internet in the color scheme, the techniques, and the views of the artists he admired.
Henrik Uldalen works with pictures and Photoshop to achieve the desired effect. Brought directly to the canvas after the figure and gives shades, colors and reflections. Beginning from Alla prima, painting at once, and then he adds all details. Although using the classic techniques of painting, the treatment and the theme of his paintings is totally contemporary, sometimes even futuristic.

Neither hyperrealism, nor the likeness of photography is what Henrik Uldalen looking with his painting. His work seeks to inquire into the feelings of the viewer.
Henrik Uldalen spend 2013 in Barcelona, painting and knowing the cultural life of the city.

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