Antoni Yranzo

The sculptor Antoni Yranzo grew in his parents’ cabinetmaker’s workshop, located in the heart of Poble Nou, in Barcelona, a neighborhood where arts and crafts are a tradition. Now it became his studio, where unleashes the imagination and where he works on his most personal work.

He had the technique and the restlessness, so decided to take a radical change of direction and make art your lifestyle. Yranzo is a connoisseur of the different materials and he works combining stone, steel, wood or hemp: “The old wood is more stable, so it is better to work with.
When the wood is new it has flaws, but if it is old it doesn’t. It is about giving a second chance to materials. “In his pieces played with the equilibros, textures, shapes and movement. The result: a type of sculpture aesthetically agreeable and certainly with a personal stamp.

Another creations from Antoni Yranzo are called Otokos, which are characters made ​​of wire that serve to reflect, analyze and reflect on society. Through these sculptures he speaks, for example, about betrayal, violence, wisdom, or a topic as current as evictions.

The history of Yranzo Antoni is a clear example that it’s never too late to do what you really like.

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